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Poisson 2D Tensile Test Non-Linear Tensile Test Lid-Driven Cavity

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Version 2.0 Example Applications

Poisson Equation

This is the most basic test that is applied to a new version of the code. The Poisson equation is a classic static test case for verification of the basic functioning of the matrix and load vector generators and the boundary condition code.
This test now confirms that cubic interpolation inside volumes works.

2D Tensile Test

A simple 2D tensile test that checks the implementation of 2D linear elasticity.

Non-Linear Tensile Test

As the title says, this is a simple tensile test program where the material is assumed to have non-linear properties. It acutally is neo-Hookean, which currently is the only non-linear material type directly supported by Animath.
The code both provides a 2D and a 3D simulation. Although some stability issues with the 3D non-linear structural analysis code persist, it can be assumed that it is code-wise correct.

Lid-Driven Cavity

This code simulates the lid-driven cavity, a classic CFD problem that was also among of the Oshima Lab standard tests for new flow solver codes. Animath provides two CFD-solver types, a Characteristic-Galerkin one and a Streamline-Upwind Petrov-Gelrkin one, this code uses the latter with second order interpolation.